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Lori began writing as a young girl - crafting poems, songs, short stories, and even the junior high school gossip column. She continued to write, although sporadically, while working to create a home for her family and raising her son.

After years of studying the craft of writing, Lori is thrilled to now be embarking on her publishing career. Lori gives workshops, has been a founder as well as a presiding member of several chapters of a non-profit national writing organization, has organized book festivals and conferences. She loves to help other writers in any way she can.

Lori, nearly a native, lives in the Pacific Northwest with the Captain and her dog muses.

"If you are looking for a solid suspense I highly recommend you pick this one up."  
~ Pauline Michael,Night Owl Reviews, TOP PICK!, 4 1/2 Stars 

"TWO LEFT FEET is a sexy, funny, deliciously scary thriller from the talented Lori Lyn. Full of unexpected twists and turns, this skillfully-crafted nail-biter will leave you breathless. FBI forensic expert, Abbey Rhoads and construction contractor, Max Edison, are a seemingly mismatched couple, but the chemistry between them is delightfully steamy. Together, they must solve a series of bizarre, gruesome killings. Lori Lyn has delivered a clever, compelling page-turner full of romance and pulse-pounding suspense."

  ~  Kevin O'Brien, New York Times Bestselling Author of TELL ME YOU'RE SORRY.

     NEW!  Available Spring 2020 For Pre-Order In Print & E-Book


When Kim Carmichael, Hollywood gossip columnist and desperate-to-be  investigative reporter, has the tables turned on her at the direction of the hunky megastar Tanner Powel, she's sure she's lost the chance of her dream career as the sordid history of her family unfolds for all the world to see.

But in a surprise twist from a regretful megastar, Kim finds herself whisked far from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to be safely nestled in the seemingly sleepy town of Tanner's next film location.

Soon Kim and Tanner find themselves desperately treading water in the middle of a century-old mystery while also desperately trying not to fall in love, and  they're running out of time to try to sort fact from GOSSIP.

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Contemporary Romantic Suspense