The Russian Princess

True to the Heart #5

The Betrothal Contract

True to the Heart Series #2


   As she stepped inside and past him, she thought she smelled liquor.
   “Did you enjoy yourself tonight, my sweet lady fair?”
   “I beg your pardon, Easton?” Isabella could barely credit her ears. What had he called her?
   “Did an appropriate number of young gentlemen fawn over your ample charms, my lady? Did they all vie for the chance to dance with you and flatter you shamelessly? Did any manage to maneuver you behind a potted fern and steal a kiss, or more?”
   Isabella could only stare at him. Goodness, he was looking at her arrogantly, one black brow arched. She suddenly noticed that he wore no coat or cravat, and the top buttons of his shirt were undone. Never had respectable Bent been seen in such a state. Of course, it only made Easton appear more handsome and perhaps a bit like a rake.
   “I do believe you are foxed, Easton.”
   “Nonsense. Butlers don’t get foxed.” He frowned. “I shall, of course, have to ask Tilbot to be sure. But I feel quite confident that while butlers may occasionally become tipsy, they never get foxed.” He shook his head emphatically.
   “I think it best you find your bed now, Easton.” Isabella began edging toward the stairs. Given the predatory gleam in his eyes, escaping her attractive butler seemed a very sensible thing to do right now. And heaven only knew, if she was anything, she was a sensible person.
   “No, my bed is too bloody small.”
    Easton, now grinning wickedly, was advancing on her. Oh, dear. She would swoon, surely, if he touched her. She’d never swooned before in her life, of course, but she had a feeling that this was truly a swoon-worthy situation if there ever was one.

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The Archery Contest

True to the Heart Series #3


~ Scandalous Lovers ~ Five Bestselling Authors ~ Five Full-Length Romance Novels  ~ By Bestselling Authors Diana Ballew, Lori Lyn, Marie Tuhart, Jennifer Brassel, Kathy L Wheeler

Thorns of Eden: A Civil War spy for the Confederacy cannot resist the fiery allure of an indomitable Southern nurse, even while the world around them burns.

The Country Butler: A woman who rules her domain is willing to risk it all for even just one night in the arms of the man she thinks can never be hers.

Passionate Desire: A bad boy businessman sees through the bland façade of his co-worker to the inner sexy vixen she tries too hard to keep under control. Can he convince her to trust him long enough to set the real woman free?

Warrior King: Pharaoh and his female slave share a secret burning love that all those around them attempt to manipulate and destroy.

The Earl’s Error: An earl’s all-consuming desire for his wife is matched only by the way his touch ignites her soul – but will lust be enough to convince them to confess their secret love?

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THE COUNTRY BUTLER- True to the Heart Series, Book 1

A proper lady, a rake in disguise - and dangerous passion.

Rafe Atherton, the Duke of Devonshire, has managed to muck up his life, and rather grandly. A dalliance with the wrong woman has put him at the center of a scandal that could bring down the next prime minister of England. Desperate to remove the threat to his peer – and to himself by way of being skewered by said peer, he agrees to disappear from London life. Begrudgingly, he accepts his friend’s suggestion to act the part of a butler at the fellow’s cousin’s country estate.

 Lady Isabella FitzHugh is nothing if not a practical, logical, orderly young woman. Having her lifelong butler just retire and being informed by her cousin, surely in an attempt to help, that she was to host a butler-in-training, is beyond annoying. A small, self-contained estate needs no ripples to mar the necessary smooth waters. But, when the new butler, one Easton, arrives, her home and her emotions become one stormy mess. And Isabella finds herself breaking all the rules and happily opens her heart to the chaos of love.

The Castle Keeper's Daughter

True to the Heart #4

Lori began writing as a young girl - crafting poems, songs, short stories, and even the junior high school gossip column. She continued to write, although sporadically, while working to create a home for her family and raising her son.

After years of studying the craft of writing, Lori is thrilled to now be embarking on her publishing career. Lori gives workshops, has been a founder as well as a presiding member of several chapters of a non-profit national writing organization, has organized book festivals and conferences. She loves to help other writers in any way she can.

Lori, nearly a native, lives in the Pacific Northwest with the Captain and her dog muses.

True To The Heart Series

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